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nra_06 by OneKnightsStand nra_06 :icononeknightsstand:OneKnightsStand 0 0
Dash Fast
Drunken love at 1am.
C2H5OH stains the living room couches, cups and lips.
A lap dance, the Superman logo and Horror video games serve as a decrescendo to a night of
pre-calculus and chemistry.
but I only came for the music. For the electromagnetic rhythms & blues (group psychology). you know? the hips and hops.
the sun rose at 11:45am and
A curly haired, caped banjo man, who whispered THC and reckless abandon, told me of the  Story of how a drunk driver collided with father time. The conflict ended with a permanent scratch, but rest assured the clock wins.
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nra_05 by OneKnightsStand nra_05 :icononeknightsstand:OneKnightsStand 1 0 nra_04 by OneKnightsStand nra_04 :icononeknightsstand:OneKnightsStand 0 0 nra_03 by OneKnightsStand nra_03 :icononeknightsstand:OneKnightsStand 1 0 nra_02 by OneKnightsStand nra_02 :icononeknightsstand:OneKnightsStand 0 0
So what kind of music do you like?
My tastes in music are a massive expansion of continually shifting landscapes and landfills. All adapting to create stimulus that will simultaneously surprise, entertain, anger, and bore me to tears. They range from the familiar to the queer, the wonderful and the terrible, the disquieting to the soothing.
Let me illustrate this.
Imagine five maroon trees that bear scentless flowers that are adored by millions. Ignore them so that you can keep on walking towards that time machine and don't step on the Beatles before hoping in. Now you'll have to resist the temptations to visit September. As your whirling in the time vortex you can't help but remember this like the time you tried not to panic at the disco. Outside the window you see time fluctuating past the weekend you started in and transition from boys to men. Then finally throw the kill switch so you can stop just in time to see Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald bask in the summertime sun. You arrive in a desolate wasteland and yo
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O' Crack House
Brother! I saw the most delightful crack house.
The roof was still intact and so is the door.
The white paint on the trim was as white as the inhabitants noses.
Pavement was smooth and the black 'Keep Out' sign looked great.
It had a few niches, some bumps and scratches.
The lawn was unkempt and had glass straws scattered throughout.
The windows have brown shutters and are boarded up and
I saw mice on the patio.
Yep. Its a fixer upper.
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Circular Abstraction by OneKnightsStand Circular Abstraction :icononeknightsstand:OneKnightsStand 1 0 nra_01 by OneKnightsStand nra_01 :icononeknightsstand:OneKnightsStand 0 0
Midnight Prayer
Master of Angels, this my plea
that you Father don't forsake me
that you forgive a many wrong deed
so that I might see you in eternity.
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Sonnet I
Ah! Beautiful Mind and Beautiful Eyes
thou hast both and I am jealous  
How beautiful is this world. Tell us!
Beautiful jokes and Beautiful cries
about textures and details wondrous.
Even concrete to thou is vivacious!
with its lines shades and natural dyes.
but these things the world will despise
for foolish men or those not wise
would fancy a woman blind
hopeless, weak, miserable, unkind  
rather then a maiden true
who would see their lack of virtue.
:icononeknightsstand:OneKnightsStand 2 0
Blame it on the ADD
When a school boy cannot focus
on a boring lecture like most kids
and slumber over takes me
Blame it on the A-D-D!
When I'm clearly not listening
and there is information I'm missing
Like the sidewalk isn't meant for pee
blame it on the ADD
When in my textbook i draw mountains
or make splashing noises in drinking fountains
Or crack a joke so brilliant and witty
Blame it on my A-D-D!
When I can't sit down still
and you want to give me a pill
Because a 7 year old needs to chill
Blame it on the A-D-D!
After mellowing out you see
I'm quite boring actually
but this is what you wanted
slow focused individual (so anyone but me)
So in lecture I sit
and listen properly
not fantasizing one but
but I'm no longer... myself.
:icononeknightsstand:OneKnightsStand 1 2
Grown Men don't Giggle
Imagine a lecture hall.
Hundreds of desks are filled with scholars and scientists.
A suited sage walks across the tiny platform below marking chalk lines and flipping through powerpoints.
The classroom concentrates intensely on capturing the information.
"Now these hormone fluctuations will naturally change the pH of the genitalia... "
Out of nowhere a lone man cries out, "Vagina!"
The room erupted in laughter. All from the scholar to the sage were merry.
Only after the the massive humorous roar did these gentleman resume there prescribed roles.
:icononeknightsstand:OneKnightsStand 2 7
Academia IV
This is my morning routine.
Wake up late. Hurry and take a shower.
Then get groomed and dressed at 100mph
Academia has its own timezones no matter where you are in achademia the clocks are always a few minutes behind.
No one is unaware of the 4th dimentional shift.
The serfs
the craftsman
the knights
the thanes
and the monarch
just half to set their portable sundials to that yester-moment
The days are getting longer
regnol gnitteg era yad ehT
The days are getting shorter
retrohs gnitteg era yad ehT
The time-flux brings me back to
losing myself
in the sunshine
chasing boys girls everyone.
the game is more fun
after that last touch
Find X or you will fail
I'm older now going through multiple-choice buildingsroman
After the test I make sure to sharpen my pencil to slay pre-teen vampires
they tend to come out among daylight hours.
...Or Perhaps I should join them....
Myself being long enraptured in the floresent.
I have forsaken sunlight a few minutes behind schendual.
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Academia III
Academia only you could take the fun out of bubbles.
Yes bubbles.
You see in the realm of academia bubbles only appear on Scrantons.
tiny light bubbles that look like wine glasses
which must be filled with 3 gallons of number 2 lead fully and exactly with no spills
the darkness must be contained in one circle and you must spend 2 minutes cleaning if it spills over
The imaginary clocks are ticking. Ticking!
while pens are click click clicking
the percussion breaks the deadly silence of ignorance and makes it bearable
and then the sniffle symphony starts
everyone in the testing area has a cold or a moderate allergic reaction to the air conditioning system
all sequenced perfectly as if they had been rehearsing it during the long hours or studying (or procrastinating)
Only after the teacher's silencing spell
the room becomes silent again.
The scratching of pencils and nervous breath can overpower
the sound of that final test.  The feeling that time it going to end before you figure ou
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O.E. Marshall
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I am bored out of my mind and what follows is a result of that. Wow I don't really talk about myself that much. I'm unsure of what to put here. You know what? Ask me stuff. You can send a note or comment here or talk to me on these platforms below.

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